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Using Voucher Codes

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Printable Vouchers

How to copy the Voucher Codes

  • Click on a Voucher Code Button like the one below

  • A window will pop up in the middle of your screen with the Voucher Code similar to the one below

  • IMPORTANT: COPY the Voucher Code by holding your FINGER DOWN on the Voucher Code to

     HIGHLIGHT until:

 shows on Android


    COPY on IPhone

  • Pressing the one that matches your Mobile phone type will then copy the Voucher Code
  • Now all you need to do is go to the retailers website and go shopping to your hearts content….Remember that you have already Copied the Voucher Code
  • Once you arrive at the Checkout, look for the Enter Voucher Code, Enter Promo Code  or something similar to the one below (It will vary in appearance by website)


Now to Enter the Voucher Code in the box

  1. Simply place your FINGER in the Voucher Code, Promotional Code or Discount Box, and PRESS DOWN, and a PASTE notification should show. SELECT PASTE to add the code into the box then select Add Code, Apply Code or something similar to get your discount


  1. Should you find it easier. You can always write down the voucher code if you wish, and then type it into the Voucher Code Box at the checkout of the online store you are purchasing from.


 Not Just Voucher Codes will remain OPEN in the previous Window or Tab in your Internet Browser

Voucher Code Screen
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